Monday, August 1, 2011

{A Recap of our journey...}

April 2009 - Chris and I buy our first house and the first night we sleep in the house I wake up and tell him I'm ready for kids. Considering we had talked about kids like it was something we would do when we were 50, he was a little blown out of the water.

June 2009 - I convince Chris that going off of birth control and starting to chart was in our best interest. We weren't getting any younger ya know! He agrees.

Dec 2009 - Still nothing and BFNs were starting to get to me.

Jan 2010 - I had my annual and I took my charts. I saw the nurse practitioner instead of my regualar doctor. She suspects PCOS based on my charts and perscribes Progesterone based on no blood work. I take the Progesterone as instructed and my face blows up like a blimp. Stop Progesterone pills and swear never to see that nurse practitioner again.

Feb 2010 - Chris had his yearly and mentioned to his doctor that we were having a hard time getting pregnant. His doctor does a little inspection and finds a Varicocele. Does seman anlaysis and finds only 8 Mil sperm but everything else was normal. Sends Chris to a Urologist.

March 2010 - Chris has an appointment with the urologist and they recommend a Varicocelectomy. Chris wasn't convinced he wanted to have the surgery. So we talked about it alot.

April 2010 - We did one month of Clomid and H swore I would never be on that drug ever again. I was a little out of control hormonally on it. H says surgery is better than ever doing that drug again.

June 2010 - Varicocelectomy Surgery. Lots of pain for H. 6 weeks recovery before he was back to normal duties. I still want to strangle the doctor that recommended this surgery.

November 2010 - My real dad dies. He was sick, we were never close but it still hit me hard

December 2010 - F/U S/A 2 mil sperm, all other numbers are abnormal too. Meet with RE. Tells us our best chances are IVF. Get quotes and start saving.

February 2011 - I'm reading a blog about a girl whose husband went to a IF Urologist and they got pg naturally. I look up IF Urologist in our area and schedule an appointment for H.

March 2011 - Chris goes to appointment and doctor recommends Vericocele Embolization. Gives H all kinds of numbers about how he has gotten people pregnant 1000s of times from this surgery. H is super stoked, I'm not. I think its another doctor lying to us.

April 2011 - Chris convinces me he has a really good feeling about this surgery and wants to do it. I agree and we have the surgery.

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