Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sticker Shock

The Financial Counselor contacted me this afternoon and I have sticker shock at the cost of IVF. Do you think they call them Counselor's to make you feel better? 

IVF (Egg Retieval, Egg Transfer,  Anesthesia, Fertilization) - $6110

ICSI (Inject sperm into the egg) - $750

Assisted Hatching - $500

Freeze & Storage of Extra Embryos - $675

Meds (only an estimate) $3000-$4500

Also, office visits, ultrasounds and bloodwork is not included in the above breakdown so if our insurance refuses to pay those it could be another $2000 for those.

Bringing the grand total to $14535 for one cycle of IVF. Now do you understand my sticker shock?

Ofcourse there are always different scenarios that could bring that down. If we get accepted to the Compassionate Care Program and don't need assisted hatching, that would bring our total to $7535 (I'm trying to remain optimistic).  

But more than likely what will happen, is I will take on a second job and we will start saving every penny we have.


Crystal said...

Wow, that is an outrageous amount of money! Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

The Domestic Princess said...

Yea we were freaking out at first. I think it's set in a little bit more and we've decided to just start saving.

A Wedding Story said...

Oh dear gracious! Why do they do this to people? I'm saying a prayer that you will find the money and have a precious baby!