Thursday, November 1, 2012

Month 8 Our Favorite Things

Our favorite things have changed quite a bit in the last few months. Since Jackson has so many teeth, we use a lot of soothers for his sore gums.

Gerber Washcloths
We get these wet and make "baby popsicles" for Jackson to chew on

 Since Jackson is sleeping longer hours, we use these diapers overnight. Jackson started leaking out of every diaper we owed and these are the only ones that hold overnight for him.

I'm sorry..but I bring pictures

I can't believe it has really been that long since I've blogged. Really, July? Where do I start? Well, I guess July!?

Fall Family Picture
Lets start with the most important: Jackson

Jackson is 24 pounds and 31 inches long and 8 months old. He has 9 teeth, all 8 in front and 1 molar poking through. Jackson has now moved from his baby carrier seat to a big boy car seat but still rear facing. We are still cloth diapering and loving it. We also started making our own baby food for him and has not refused any food we have given him.

Jackson's blood sugar has been doing great. He eats every 4 hours during the day and is still taking Diazoxide every 8 hours. At night he is sleeping 11 hours and his blood sugar is maintaining very well. December 10, Jackson's Endocrinology doctor has scheduled for Jackson to be checked into Children's Hospital and "challenge" his blood sugar. They will take him off all meds and not let him eat for 12 hours. During this time, they will check his blood sugar every hour.

Jackson has had a few overnight heart monitors and Cardiologist appointments. They have all come out perfect.

His Genetics doctor thinks that Jackson's head is just a little too big and growing too fast. That combined with his blood sugar and SVTs, he thinks we could be missing a genetic disorder somewhere. So he requested that we get an MRI of Jackson's head. This requires Jackson to be fully sedated. Unfortunately due to timing, this is scheduled for the same week as his blood sugar challenge test. This is going to be hard week on our little guy.

 Chris and I are going great! We've been making being healthy a real priority for the first time in our life's. While we are both excited to have lost a lot of weight, it's really great to see how working out really does make you feel good.

I'll follow up with a "favorites" post since those have changed so much also.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

{Bluum Box July 2012}

This box included:

Green Sprouts: Fruit Cool Soothing Teether

Pure Organic Bar: Wild Blueberry (w/ $7 off a box coupon)

Udderly SMOOth: Udder Cream/Body Cream

Triple Paste

Dr. Sears Baby Wash & Shampoo

35% off MIO Products Coupon

My favorite things in this box was the Green Sprouts Teether and the Pure Organic Bar. I will definitely be buying the box of Pure Organic Bars with the coupon. These will be great snacks for only 80 calories each. And since Jackson is teething the Green Sprouts teether couldn't have come at a better time.

The other two samples, Udderly SMOOth Udder cream and Dr. Sears Baby Wash & Shampoo, I wish the samples were a little bigger. They almost seem like the free samples you can pick up at the store or write the company for. Since this box is supposed to let you sample products, more than a one use sample would give you a good idea if you liked it or not.

Unfortunately, the Triple Paste we cannot use since we cloth diaper and it's not safe for those.

Based on the two boxes we have received, I will definitely be cancelling my subscription next month after our three paid months are up.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Month 5 Our Favorite Things...

MAM Mini Cooler & Clip Teether:
This teether is perfect for babies that can't hold onto other teethers very well.

Baby Gap
These clothes fit Jackson so well. We've been stalking the clearance rack when they have additional percent off sales and have gotten some really good deals.
Hannah Andersson PJs
Love, Love, Love these PJs. I cannot say enough about them. They are absolutely adorable, organic PJs. We got 2 has a gift and then ended up finding more at a garage sale.

Kolcraft Step Starter 2-in-1 Walker
We put a pillow under Jackson's feet and he loves to watch the owls and make the music play

Sophie the Giraffe
Jackson LOVES to eat Sophie's head but this toy in our house is a dog magnet. So Sophie only comes out when the dogs are put away and she gets put back in the box as soon as we are done.

5 Months Old

This month has been craazy! Jackson has had the Croup, a Double Ear Infection, Bronchiolitis and got 2 teeth. Overall that equaled not much sleep for Mom and Dad. I can't believe how big he has gotten.

Jackson is now sucking his thumb, grabbing his feet, laughing at everything and making lots of baby sounds. I swear one more morning he's just going to talk to me.

I'm loving watching his little personality grow. You can see him observing everything and learning. It's so awesome!

Monday, June 25, 2012

{Bluum Box}

We decided to subscribe to Bluum Box last month. I thought it would be something fun for Jackson and I to get in the mail every month.

This months theme was June Bug and included:

-Babybug book
-3 Count 7th Gen Wipe sample
-Babyganics Lip Balm
-Ella's Kitchen pouch
-Luna Bar

   I got this off a deal site and paid $18/3 months but I'm sad to report I'm not sure it was worth the $6/month judging from my first box. 

There were a couple things I liked about this box:

1. I really like the book and can't wait to read it to Jackson tonight before bed.

2. While they were not items I haven't tried, there were full size samples

There are a couple things that made it not worth it:

1. I got shipping notice on Tuesday last week and didn't receive the box until Monday. It seems that Bluum could get a faster shipping option since shipping boxes is their business.

2. Three Count 7th Gen Wipe sample, really? What is that one dirty diaper, maybe? I feel insulted!

I have 2 more months of boxes prepaid so I'm hoping that the next box will be better.

**Update: I just found out that the books are a years subscription so we will be receiving 11 more books in the mail. I'm really excited because that was my favorite part of this box**

**Disclosure: I paid for this subscription on my own and did not receive this from Bluum**

Friday, June 22, 2012

Month 4 Our Favorite Things....

Jackson's favorite things change so often these days. One day he wants to be swaddled, the next he wants his arms free. Here is a list of his favorite things at 4 Months Old....

The First Years Crib Side CD Player
Chris loves to make Jackson mixed CDs to play at night as he doozes off into sleepyland. We love everything about this player except that it sucks C batteries. So we've invested in some rechargables.

BumGenius Elementals
Jackson finally outgrew the absorbancy of the BumGenius Smalls. I was so excited to get to switch him to a One Size diaper. These are an Organic Cotton All in One which makes them super simple for our favorite daycare ladies. These diapers should fit until Jackson is potty trained.

Goodmama Fitted Diaper
This is our favorite overnight diaper right now. Since Jackson is now in the same diaper for 8 hours we needed something that can hold up for that long. This diaper does the trick!

Baby Star Burp Cloth:
Jackson has to hang onto something when he sleeps or he's really fussy all night so he has been using this Baby Star Burp Cloth at home. He loves it.

Cuski Cuskiboo Lovey
Since Jackson needs something to hang onto when he sleeps now, we have a lovey for daycare too. We went with another all natural option.