Friday, July 16, 2010

TTC: Hystrosalpingogram

Today at 8:00 am I will be having a procedure called a Hystrosalpingogram, also known as an HSG.

In short the doctor is going to use a saline dye and insert it in my uterus and fallopian tubes. Then she is going to watch the dye on an xray machine to make sure that there are no blocks, adhesions, polyps, etc. This test is very time sensitive and needs to be done days 5-10 of your cycle. This is to ensure that there is no pregnancy.

According to my doctor, sometimes the 'cob webs' just need cleaned out and a lot women who were having problems before get pregnant right after an HSG. I'm hoping and praying that nothing else is wrong. Honestly, I don't think I can handle it.

I will update you with any news next week.


michelle ellis said...

Praying that your test goes well! Hang in there!

Unknown said...

I came here looking for fish taco's, go figure! lol and I saw this post as the first one. I have NOOO idea who you are and vice versa, but I want to say. I had this done as my "last option" then I was going to give up...I now have three kids, and I wish you luck! I really feel for you, I know how it feels :|