Saturday, February 5, 2011

Savings Saturday

This week we tried out a new grocery store. As cheap as I have found Wal-Mart can be, I love that Meijer does double coupons. We price compared a few things between the two and they seemed to be about the same. So armed with coupons we did our normal grocery shopping minus our "stocked up items." We ended up saving $29.57 in coupons and at Wal-Mart that would have been cut in half because they don't double.

Below I listed the best deals we found this week:

Reynold's Wrap Aluminum Foil $0.09
Deal: On sale for $1.59 at Meijer. $0.75 off coupon (doubles)

French's Mustard $0.78
Deal: On sale for $1.38 at Meijer. $0.30 off coupon (doubles)

Knorr Pasta Sides $0.50 ea. (x2)
Deal: On sale for $1.00 at Meijer. $0.50 off two coupon (doubles)

Glad Force Flex $2.99
Deal: On sale for $6.99 at Kmart. $2.00 off coupon (doubles)

Without Coupons $11.96

With Coupons $4.86

Percent Saved 40%


Danielle (symphony4586 on GP) said...

Does Meijer double all coupons or only up to $1 like Giant Eagle and Kroger?

The Domestic Princess said...

Our Meijer only doubles up to $0.99