Friday, December 3, 2010

Mobile Unit 1

Having a semen analysis done is probably one of the most awkward things that we have to do in the whole process of infertility. Luckily, our doctor has let Chris do this at home and then head to the lab. We try to keep this whole process "lite." So, we nicknamed the car "Mobile Unit 1" while we are going to drop off the sample.

::Mobile Unit 1 in route to Riverside Lab::

::Mobile Unit 1 this is Riverside Lab, has sample been collected::

These phrases can sometimes be heard at random times in our car ride there.

Last week we had what we hope to be one of the last Semen Analysis's. We'll find out the results on Thursday. We're hoping for good results but also have an appointment setup with a Reproductive Endocrinologist for next week.

Have you ever had to take a ride in "Mobile Unit 1"?


WindDrop said...

I've had a mobile unit 1 experience. I live an hour away from the lab so I drove there with the jar in between my cleavage! They say to keep it warm. lol.

In regards to the most awkward, maybe for the guy! By far the most awkward experience was either the IVF transfer. So my husband is to my left, one person with an ultrasound is on my right, RE between my legs. Some other random people walk down in that area with the embryologist coming and going.
Not to mention every dildocam exam. Anytime DH complains about a SA I tell him in detail everything I have to go through.
Could I please switch places and get off in a room while everyone in the office knows I'm doing it. FINE BY ME!

Lindsey said...

My DH hates it too but I just figure after all that we women go through they have to have at least something embarrassing to do =)

Crystal said...

LOL! We had the option to drop off the S/A since we only live 10 minutes from the fertility center but I made Dh go in to do it. ;)

A. said...

LOL! In truth, though, I am pretty sure what we have to go through is a million times more embarrassing and invasive, so I have a heard time mustering up too much sympathy for our DHs in the embarrassment department:)
(btw, this is blueberries from GP:)