Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vitamins, To take or not to take?

Christopher and I have started taking our vitamins. After a lengthy conversation with my cousin last weekend, I have decided to start taking prenatal vitamins. We have a family history of miscarriages, that some doctors have explained as not having enough vitamins in our systems to sustain a baby. So, Christopher and I figured that I had better get on some prenatals just in case we had an "accident" *What I mean by that is adorable, cute bundle of joy*

Christopher is also getting his recommended daily dose with a Men's Mulivitamin.

Do you take a multivitamin? What kind do you take? What vitamins are important to you right now?

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Unknown said...

I only took multi-vitamins sporadically when I was younger. Of course, took prenatals when pregnant. Now that I've passed 50, I take vitamins faithfully. And I can tell a difference when I take them and when I forget. Take them! You won't be sorry later.

Darla said...

I would not be able to make it through the day without vitamins. we take, B-Complex,C,Lecithin, Flaxseed oil, garlic, green tea and my husband takes ginseng...I think this is all..

J said...

I take a Women's One A Day and hubby takes Men's One A Day multi vitamins.

mrs.messi said...

I take the Nutrilite Women's Pack and Tri-Iron Folic.

BTW, I voted on your baby names :P

The Domestic Princess said...

Thanks for all the recommendations ladies!

Mrs. Messi, Thank you for voting =)

Kim3278 said...

LOL.I am still taking prenatals. I haven't stopped for 5 years. Maybe someday I will. But don't forget that flinstones do just as well, just don't forget your DHA suppliments. They were NOT my favorite.