Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend of October 3 & October 4

Friday Night Christopher and I went "On a Date." We had such a great time. We started the evening at P.F. Changs with an amazing dinner. They had a Dinner for Two for $39.99. That included soup, appetizer, two dinners and dessert. We were so stuffed but managed to wobble over to the movie theater to go see Capialism: A Love Story.

This is a must see for all Americans. You don't have to believe the side that Michael Moore gives you but you need to SEE the side that Michael Moore gives you. Personally, I love Michael Moore and I've seen every single one of his movies.

After the movie, Christopher and I decided to go get some drinks at our favorite bar, O'Manny's. It's like Cheers for us. We always run into someone we know and end up having great conversation. I did end up having one (or two) too many drinks. But isn't that what your supposed to do at 28?

On Saturday, I decided get up early and take a relaxing bath and finish my book, Knocked Up. Then Christopher and I did some organization projects (look forward to a future post on that). Around 6 pm, we went over to Amy & Bill's to watch the OSU vs. Illinois game.

Sunday, I saw that my blog was busted. (Oh no, right?) So I spent most of my Sunday morning fixing my blog. You may notice a slight difference but I tried to put it back to exactly how it was before. There is one new feature on the right hand side for you to vote on future baby names that we like. I also taught myself to sew on Sunday and was able to get one project done (look for a post on that later this week).

I hope you had a relaxing weekend like we did.

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Kelli said...

That sounds like a really fun time! Go Bucks.

J said...

Thats on our list of must see movies! Glad you had a great weekend!!