Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 1 of the Weight Loss Challange (Tuesday)

Last year when I was working with a trainer, I bought the best accessory, My Polar Watch! This watch has so many bells and whistles for working out. It comes with a heart monitor that you strap around your waist. Then the watch keeps track of how long you've been working out, your heart rate, etc. Once you stop your work out, the watch will configure the calories burned. How great is that?! After work, Christopher and I walk (at a fast pace) for 30 minutes. This allowed me to burn 186 calories.

So do you want to know what we ate today?:
**Christopher doesn't keep track of calories**


1 piece of wheat toast with Sugar Free Jam
1.5 cups of strawberries pineapple
1 glass of water

Total Calories: 201

1/2 wheat wrap (turkey, lettuce, cheese)
Sm. Salad (lettuce, cucumber and oil & vinegar)

Total Calories: 253
Snack (orange and banana): 158

For Christopher and I made pork chops and I ate:
2 pork chops
1 cup veggie mix

Total Calories: 340

Snack (peanut butter toast): 163

Total Calories for the Day: 1130

I need to concentrate tomorrow on getting my calories up between 1200 to 1400. Am I doing good? What do I need to change?


Courtney said...

You're on the right track. I was consuming 1200 cal/day and not losing any weight, but when I upped it to 1400-1500 I started losing. weird, but it worked!

Anonymous said...

tracking calories is a great place to start. Try adding some protein to your breakfast and lunch... plain yogurt with your fruit, maybe chickpeas or other beans on your salad or some grilled chicken, eggs with breakfast or lunch (I like to hardboil eggs on the weekends and use them all week.)

Kim3278 said...

Christy...I am really digging this heart rate monitor. I have been doing some research on them myself. I keep telling myself I want one for Christmas...or then maybe a Cricut machine. Anyway. How do you like yours? Do you feel it gives you an accurate caloric rate? Let me know.

PS..I love your site. You have such a creative mind.

The Domestic Princess said...

I got a great deal on mine. I was on sale at Dick's for $100, then I found a $20 off coupon in the Entertainment Book. They have the other colors for cheaper but I had to have the pink one.