Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lola and Haji's Room Redo

We started a couple weeks ago redoing the dogs room. We added some simple features and some paint to make this room work. First, we picked out the dog beds from Target, got a shelf, took some pictures of Lola and Haji, bought some picture frames and got a dog bowl.


Here is the final product of the dog bowl redo:

Here are the pictures up close that I took of the dogs

We added a shelf and hooks to this room to hang the dogs clothes and leashes on. Also, we can store brushes, etc on the top of the shelf.

Room Redo Cost:

Dog Bowl $2
Red Paint $4
Dog Beds $60
Shelf $10
Glidden White Paint Free
Hardware $3
Picture Frames $30
Pictures $1
Grey Paint $30

Total: $140

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