Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Garage Sale Gems

As the holidays are fast approaching I have been combing local Garage Sales for decorations. Since our apartment was very small with very little storage. I kept as many Christmas decorations as I could but as soon as we moved in the house, I started my mission of getting other holiday decorations. Here are some of my great finds and their wonderful prices:

Noel Stocking Holder $1

Silver Bells Wreath $1 (I talked the lady down, lol)

Candle Holder $2 (This one still has the $16 price tag on the bottom)

Bath and Body Plug In Holder $0.50

Halloween Votive House $0.50

Witch Votive Holder $2

This whole Christmas basket was $1. It came with a Santa Spoon Holder, 5 Mini Stockings, 3 Wooden Spoons, Light Bulb Earrings, Snowman Photo Holder and Basket

Santa Candlestick Holder $0.25
This is my favorite item I've purchased. Candy Holder $4

Have you found any good items at Garage Sales this summer? What's your favorite?


Unknown said...

LOVE that Santa candlestick! I collect Santas and am always on the lookout for unusual ones--that one is so cute! Ya done good.

The Domestic Princess said...

I collect Santas also! Just wait till Christmas time=)

Roeshel said...

Great finds! You're going to have so much fun decorating!

I love your new blog look! It's wonderfully simple, elegant and easy to read. I really, really need to update the DIY Show Off...once I find the time and I'm so html code challenged and don't know where to begin - it requires A LOT of time. haha

How are the herbs coming along? Russ planted a tomato in ours and it's gigantic and towering over everything. haha's all nice and bushy.

Have a great day!


Embellished Bayou said...

Great finds! That's a lot of holiday decor for $11!!

Sweet As Boys said...

Such great finds! I never have this much luck at garage sales!