Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Wall of Pictures

The Parade of Homes trip was cancelled this weekend due to all the rain we got on Saturday. So I decided that shopping was the next best thing I could do.

*Disclaimer: What you are about to see was not the Domestic Princess bargain shopping in the least! *

The first picture I purchased will be going in the Guest Bedroom. This was my favorite and the most expensive. It was $99 from Garden Ridge.

My second purchase was a beautiful sepia picture of the beach. This will be going in our Master Bedroom. This was was the least expensive of my purchase at $49.99 from Garden Ridge.

And last but NOT least is another picture for our Master Bedroom. This one came in at $69.99 but so worth it. I will post pictures of them hung a little bit later.

Also, stay tuned for pictures of the new ceiling fan installation and the stained trellis.

1 comment:

Roeshel said...

I.love.them! I can't wait to see them up! I wish we had a local Garden Ridge. Bummer.

Beautiful! Lucky you! ;)