Friday, April 22, 2011

Reminder {National Infertility Awareness Week April 24-30}

RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association, is holding a challange for the week of awareness: Bust a Fertility Myth.

You can be an infertile, friend, family or just love to speak out about Infertility to participate.

During the week of April 24th to April 30th.

Choose one “Infertility Myth to Bust” or make one of your own.

Go back to your blog and explore that “myth” in a post. Expand on the idea, tell a story, write poetry, say it with photographs–any way you want to explore that “infertility myth.” Posts can go up any time from April 24 to April 30. Please start your post by placing your chosen “infertility myth” at the top of the post.

Add a link at the bottom of your post to this url giving a basic understanding of infertility: and this url giving the background of National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW):

Go to RESOLVE's website and fill out the survey. It will then appear as part of this challenge and all blogs on the list will be considered for RESOLVE’s Hope Award for Best Blog presented at the 2011 Night of Hope. RESOLVE will also be featuring a link to the blog on

They will also be compaigning on Facebook and Twitter:
  1. Tweet about your "Bust a Myth" blog submissions using #Bustamyth.
2. Update your Facebook profile with the link to promote your blog to your friends and family.

Let's all rally together the week of April 24 and support a great cause!

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