Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashion: How old is too old for pigtails?

Jeans: JcPenny
Sweater: Old Navy
Boots: Old Navy

We went out running errands and to our best friends daughters birthday this day. I decided that 29 was NOT too old for pigtails.


Kate said...

you are never too old for pigtails. cute outfit!

Katie said...

A lot of your looks are very cute, but I wouldn't do the pigtails again.

The Domestic Princess said...

Thanks Ladies =)

Unknown said...

Hi there - found your site via Kelly. I think you've done the pigtails well. I'm always skeptical of them on women (trying too hard) but your hair length and the way you keep them close to the shoulder looks cute without being cutesy. Also love that long cardigan and boots in the posts below! Great choices.

Debbiedoos said...

Never, if you look cute, keep on having them....and you indeed look cute!@!~