Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pottery Barn Moss Balls

Have you seen these Moss Spheres from Pottery Barn?

I'm in love with them but not their price tag. For the small sphere it was $21 and the large was $24. I knew I could make these cheaper.

So off to Micheal's I went to get my supplies:

1 Bage of Moss ($4.49)
2 Foam Spheres ($9.00)
1 bottle Elmer's Glue (1.27)
1 Green Thread ($0.35)

Total: $15.11 for two

I used two plastic plates. One to put the glue on, the other for the moss. Take the foam ball and roll it in the glue.

Then roll the glue ball in the moss. The foam ball with the moss attached will look kind of messy until the thread is wound around it.

The last step is to wind thread around the ball.

1 comment:

Jen J. said...

So cute! I may try this int he spring for my house. Great job!