Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Decor

I've got another Pottery Barn copy for cheaper today.....

Can you tell I'm loving Pottery Barn's Holiday Decor?

So, I saw these vases filled with faux snow and mini ornaments and the wheels started turning. How can I do this cheaper?

                                          Faux Snow $19.00 | Faux Snow $2.99 (Micheal's)
                                         Ornaments $10.00  | Ornaments $5.99 (Walmart)
                                                   Total $19.00 | Total $8.98

I've also put out my lantern's from the Ikea trip. I got some green sparkle candles from Kohl's and put some cinnomon pinecones in the lantern's also. It makes the entryway smell so good.

What do you think?


Christine said...

good job! I love the looks of glass jars with ornaments!

Darla said...

Very good job, love your thriftiness.....I bet your entryway smells wonderful!

J said...

I love your decor!! Great idea at an even better price!! Love it!!

Lisa said...

I just realized I can do something similar with my leftover ornaments from the ornament wreath! Thanks for the inspiration : )