Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ikea Part Duex

On Saturday, Christopher and I made the hour and a half trip to Cincinnati to go to Ikea. We got up really early to make sure we got there at 10 am when Ikea opened. They give away free coffee if you get there the first hour. Also, they have eggs and bacon for $0.99. So then we headed off to shop. The main goal was to get some furniture for Christophers office but I was also looking for drapes and decorations.

Here is what we got:

2 Billie Bookcases $69.99 each

Mikael Desk $49.99
Erslev Rug $29.99

Borrby Lantern; Large $14.99, Small $6.99: My plan is to put ornaments and pine cones in these for Christmas

Havtorn Farm Vase $39.99

Didn't we do good?

Well, there is also a huge outlet mall two exists from Ikea, so on the way home we stopped and bought some Christmas presents.

Now we are doing another room redo. We're so excited for it to get done.

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Christine said...

I love Ikea! and those laterns are great!!