Saturday, July 21, 2012

Month 5 Our Favorite Things...

MAM Mini Cooler & Clip Teether:
This teether is perfect for babies that can't hold onto other teethers very well.

Baby Gap
These clothes fit Jackson so well. We've been stalking the clearance rack when they have additional percent off sales and have gotten some really good deals.
Hannah Andersson PJs
Love, Love, Love these PJs. I cannot say enough about them. They are absolutely adorable, organic PJs. We got 2 has a gift and then ended up finding more at a garage sale.

Kolcraft Step Starter 2-in-1 Walker
We put a pillow under Jackson's feet and he loves to watch the owls and make the music play

Sophie the Giraffe
Jackson LOVES to eat Sophie's head but this toy in our house is a dog magnet. So Sophie only comes out when the dogs are put away and she gets put back in the box as soon as we are done.

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