Sunday, July 22, 2012

{Bluum Box July 2012}

This box included:

Green Sprouts: Fruit Cool Soothing Teether

Pure Organic Bar: Wild Blueberry (w/ $7 off a box coupon)

Udderly SMOOth: Udder Cream/Body Cream

Triple Paste

Dr. Sears Baby Wash & Shampoo

35% off MIO Products Coupon

My favorite things in this box was the Green Sprouts Teether and the Pure Organic Bar. I will definitely be buying the box of Pure Organic Bars with the coupon. These will be great snacks for only 80 calories each. And since Jackson is teething the Green Sprouts teether couldn't have come at a better time.

The other two samples, Udderly SMOOth Udder cream and Dr. Sears Baby Wash & Shampoo, I wish the samples were a little bigger. They almost seem like the free samples you can pick up at the store or write the company for. Since this box is supposed to let you sample products, more than a one use sample would give you a good idea if you liked it or not.

Unfortunately, the Triple Paste we cannot use since we cloth diaper and it's not safe for those.

Based on the two boxes we have received, I will definitely be cancelling my subscription next month after our three paid months are up.

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