Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm sorry..but I bring pictures

I can't believe it has really been that long since I've blogged. Really, July? Where do I start? Well, I guess July!?

Fall Family Picture
Lets start with the most important: Jackson

Jackson is 24 pounds and 31 inches long and 8 months old. He has 9 teeth, all 8 in front and 1 molar poking through. Jackson has now moved from his baby carrier seat to a big boy car seat but still rear facing. We are still cloth diapering and loving it. We also started making our own baby food for him and has not refused any food we have given him.

Jackson's blood sugar has been doing great. He eats every 4 hours during the day and is still taking Diazoxide every 8 hours. At night he is sleeping 11 hours and his blood sugar is maintaining very well. December 10, Jackson's Endocrinology doctor has scheduled for Jackson to be checked into Children's Hospital and "challenge" his blood sugar. They will take him off all meds and not let him eat for 12 hours. During this time, they will check his blood sugar every hour.

Jackson has had a few overnight heart monitors and Cardiologist appointments. They have all come out perfect.

His Genetics doctor thinks that Jackson's head is just a little too big and growing too fast. That combined with his blood sugar and SVTs, he thinks we could be missing a genetic disorder somewhere. So he requested that we get an MRI of Jackson's head. This requires Jackson to be fully sedated. Unfortunately due to timing, this is scheduled for the same week as his blood sugar challenge test. This is going to be hard week on our little guy.

 Chris and I are going great! We've been making being healthy a real priority for the first time in our life's. While we are both excited to have lost a lot of weight, it's really great to see how working out really does make you feel good.

I'll follow up with a "favorites" post since those have changed so much also.

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Danielle said...

Wow that week in December is going to be hard! 12 hours of no eating and getting pricked every hour!?!? I'm not sure who I feel worse for you or Jackson :(. Hope it goes as smoothly as possible.