Friday, June 22, 2012

Month 4 Our Favorite Things....

Jackson's favorite things change so often these days. One day he wants to be swaddled, the next he wants his arms free. Here is a list of his favorite things at 4 Months Old....

The First Years Crib Side CD Player
Chris loves to make Jackson mixed CDs to play at night as he doozes off into sleepyland. We love everything about this player except that it sucks C batteries. So we've invested in some rechargables.

BumGenius Elementals
Jackson finally outgrew the absorbancy of the BumGenius Smalls. I was so excited to get to switch him to a One Size diaper. These are an Organic Cotton All in One which makes them super simple for our favorite daycare ladies. These diapers should fit until Jackson is potty trained.

Goodmama Fitted Diaper
This is our favorite overnight diaper right now. Since Jackson is now in the same diaper for 8 hours we needed something that can hold up for that long. This diaper does the trick!

Baby Star Burp Cloth:
Jackson has to hang onto something when he sleeps or he's really fussy all night so he has been using this Baby Star Burp Cloth at home. He loves it.

Cuski Cuskiboo Lovey
Since Jackson needs something to hang onto when he sleeps now, we have a lovey for daycare too. We went with another all natural option.

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