Friday, June 22, 2012

4 Months Old

Jackson is 14.5 pounds now! He is getting so big and actually getting a little chunck on him. Jackson's favorite thing to do right now is suck on his hand or fingers. He thinks his hands are

We finally got the results for his 24 hour heart monitor and he had no SVT's while on the monitor. We followup with the doctor next week to discuss what the plan is from here. But I suspect that we will probably do another heart monitor in the coming months to double check everything. Also, we followed up with the Endocrinologist this month and they tested Jackson for the genetic markers for Hyperinsulinism. We're not sure weather to be happy or not but he does not have the markers for that. So this leaves us back at square one with not knowing why Jackson has low blood sugar. The plan for his with Endocrinology is still to check him into Children's in December, take him off the medicine and see how he does!?!

Jackson's schedule has changed to sleeping 5 hours at night and his sugars have been tolerating that really well. We feed Jackson at 9 pm, then at 12 am and he does not eat again until 5 am. We are loving the extra sleep we are getting!

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