Friday, March 23, 2012

Our First Week

Our first week home is easily described as a blur...especially the first few days. Learning Jackson's schedule with feedings, diaper changes, medicine and blood sugar draws was a little more than we thought it would be. After the first few hours we realized we needed to write out a schedule and setup some reminders for ourselves. Our schedule we wrote out is as follows:

3 am-Feed, Diaper Change
6 am-Feed, Diaper Change
8 am-Blood Sugar Meds.
9 am-Feed, Diaper Change
12 pm-Blood Sugar Check, Feed, Diaper Change
3 pm-Blood Sugar Check, Feed, Diaper Change
4 pm-Blood Sugar Meds.
6 pm-Feed, Diaper Change
9 pm-Blood Sugar Check, Feed, Diaper Change
12 am-Blood Sugar Meds, Feed, Diaper Change

Having this written down is working really well for us. It was nice when I was so tired I couldn't think to be able to just look at the sheet of paper to know what needs done. Then when each thing is done we check it off. This was really helpful when we couldn't remember if we gave him his medicine or not.

We also had a lot of firsts this week:

Jackson and I went to the Pediatrician all by ourselves

Our first family walk (in our new Ergo Carrier)

Our first cloth diaper (Lil Joey's)

Having our little man home has been so incredibly awesome! We grow more and more in love with him every day. I love to watch Chris with him, he's such an amazing dad. We've both settled into parentdom very easily.