Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our 10 Favorite Things...

From our first week with Jackson we have found a few things that make our life easier:

1. Summer Infant Digital Video Monitor: We have Jackson in his Pack n Play in our room but put the video camera in there with him so I'm not up every 5 seconds looking in on him. I can just stare at the monitor all night. Ha, ha!

2. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: I cannot say enough good things about these blankets. Love, Love, Love them. It's been 80 degrees in Ohio this week so I don't feel bad swaddling him in these at night. I think these will make really good blankets later on for a toddler too.

3. Avent Soothies: These are Jackson's favorite so far. Both hospital's he was in used these.

4. Boon Lawn: I can fit all nine 4 oz. Dr. Brown bottles that we own plus pieces and parts on this drying rack. Love it and you can't deny it's super cool looking!

5. Chicco Playyard: We are using the newborn bassinet option on this right now for our room. Plus the changing table makes 3 am changings really easy.

6. Boppy: We use this to prop Jackson up on the couch or for those 3 am feedings when we are really tired.

7. Gerber Newborn Onesies: Jackson is so skinny that these are the only onesies that don't hang off of him.

8. Rumparooz Lil Joey's: This by far is our favorite cloth diaper right now. Again Jackson is so skinny that these have been the only diaper that don't leak out of the legs. We've tried Newborn Grovia's and Bumgenius XS also but it looks like our little guy needs some more chunk on his legs first.

9. Dr. Brown's 4 oz Wide Neck Bottles: I love these chubby little bottles. They are really easy to hang on to for Mom and Dad.

10. Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym: This is a new favorite within the last two days. Jackson gets so excited when you put him on this mat. He starts kicking his legs and looking all around. It's so awesome.


Kristin said...

Hey lady!
You won the giveaway! I sent you an email so make sure you get me your info! :)

Polly said...

Hi Christy! This is Polly, your Mama's neighbor. :) I haven't kept up as well in the past week or two, and wanted to let you know how HAPPY I am to see that Jackson is home! :) You guys deserve big blessings and all good things. This is another great post -- I link to your blog on mine because I really enjoy it! :) Take care. :)