Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jackson Day 15

Jackson NICU Day 15 (03.08.12)

Today was Infant CPR class. Chris and I are so grateful for Children's to offer this class for free to NICU parents. This class at St. Ann's was $150 for both of us to attend. Although it looks like we just had a photo shoot during class, we actually did learn a lot and feel confident that we could perform CPR if we needed to.

Today we arrived at 10 am in order to catch the doctors for rounds. They had all results of the labs that they drew last night when Jackson's blood sugar was low and the only irregular lab was his insulin. The head NP said this was really low. So they decided to order a ACTH Stimulation Test and a T4 after consulting Endocrinology. These tests required them to take some tubes of blood from Jackson and will take about a day to get the results. If these come back abnormal, she said we would need to do a brain scan. They decided that since his insulin was low they were not going to try and decrease the Dextrose today at all so we are still at 2.5. Hopefully these test results don't take too long to return so we can get a new plan together for Jackson.

Jackson's IV had to be moved to his head today

Today he weighs 6 lbs 10.2 oz. Our little "chunker" loves to eat and is consistently eating 50 mL-80 mL per feeding. He's still on Similac Sensitive with extra calories being added in by the lab.

Also, today we found out that when they tested me for Neonatal Alloimmune Thromcytopenia the lab didn't send it off correctly and they tested the wrong stuff. Wonderful, huh? But his NP today said that since his platelets are now normal we are not going to retest for that.

I'm getting a little worried about next week. Chris has to go back to work on Monday. This is going to put a little bit more stress on us since I will be going back and forth to Children's during the day by myself. We have talked about a tentative plan of me going downtown during the day for a few hours, then coming home to get Chris. We will then go back so Chris can spend some time with Jackson too. Chris talked to his boss today and he's going to be working 6-230 until Jackson gets out of the hospital so we can get downtown before traffic hits. Hopefully, we won't have to do this schedule for too long.

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You are so strong. Praying for you and your family!