Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jackson Day 13

Jackson NICU Day 13 (03.06.12)

Faces of Jackson

The word of the day is frustration. Jackson had excellent blood sugars over night so they lowered his Dextrose this morning. When Nurse Mousy and her team of doctors made rounds today they said they would keep lowering the Dextrose today. But after a few good blood sugars today the nurse never lowered his Dextrose so I asked her why it wasn't being lowered. She told me the orders say to lower the Dextrose only if his blood sugar is higher than 70. Not what Nurse Mousy told us and Jackson's blood sugars were in the 60s all day. We also didn't get a platelet count over night so we made sure the orders were there for tonight. During rounds we did ask when we can talk about going home and she said he had to be off the Dextrose and have good blood sugar for 24 hours.

Chris and I are trying not to get impatient but we miss our boy so much and just want him home. We are learning through this process that we need to start asking more questions. It feels like there is really no plan to get Jackson home to us. Our plan is to talk to Nurse Mousy tomorrow and figure out why the blood sugar has to be 70 before we can decrease the Dextrose. Also we want to talk about a better plan for getting him home.

We are ready for our Nurse Kim to come back. She has been our favorite nurse so far and we miss her. We were really lucky she was there Friday, Saturday and Sunday with us and did an amazing job keeping us up to date with all of Jackson's labs, etc. We've liked our other nurses but have had to ask about tests results with each of them.

So I will leave you with some positives of the day...

I got a small nap in a recliner with my boy today and it felt normal. We don't have many of these moments at the hospital, it definitely made my day.

Jackson wore another one of his onesies from home today and we capture this small grin on camera.

I got peed on (twice) during this diaper change...normalcy is so comforting to me these days.


Lauren said...

I hear you on the nurse! We had some great nurses that helped us get home, and some not so good ones. If you don't like your nurse, you may be able to request a different one. Love the pictures. Sending all of you good thoughts.

AMcG10 said...

I'm so glad to hear Jackson is improving everyday. Normal blood sugar levels are between 70-120. Anything below 70 is considered hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and is very unhealthy and dangerous if low for extended periods of time. I'm sure they just want it in a normal range before they make changes to his meds. I can't imagine how difficult this is on you and Chris but I love that you still manage to post daily (I check daily to see how you all are doing). You guys are such great parents already and this will be a neat journal to show to Jackson when he's older.