Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Surreal Moments}

So much of this pregnancy has been just getting by from day to day. In the early days, I was so sick and tired all the time I would just pray for 4:30 pm so I could go home to sleep. When I started the second trimester I was so ready to feel better and it still didn't happen. But even through it all, I'm loving every minute of this pregnancy.

One year ago, Chris and I were looking at results from his surgery that had not improved. (Click here for the post) And yet this weekend we were standing at Babies R Us registering for the arrival of our little boy. I've had so many moments this pregnancy when I sit down and still can't believe we are here!

When did you have that surreal moment with your pregnancy?

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Kelly said...

I am so happy for you!

I had those surreal moments too. I have them even more so now that I have the twins here. Earlier this week we took them to the RE office to meet the Dr and staff that made them possible. I broke down in the parking lot overwhelmed with all that it took to get to this point and for all the girls still struggling. I feel pretty damned lucky.

Anyway, I was just thinking of you and wanted to hunt down your blog and check in!
<3 Kelly. (Kelfeen)