Monday, July 11, 2011

{Resolve pairs with Bill Rancic}


Resolve and Bill Rancic are pairing up to raise awareness on Embryo Adoption. This is an option not a lot of couples know about. Embryo adoption most often occurs when couples who have attempted IVF and been successful, have extra embryo's left over. They will then donate them to another couple who are in need of good embryos. More information about embryo adoption can be found on

Personally, I'm so excited to see Bill Rancic speaking out about Infertility. I am a dedicated viewer of his and his wife, Giuliana's, show. I think all infertile couple's can relate to them on one level or another.

Do you think embryo adoption is something you would consider?


Michelle said...

I think my husband and I are still at ta point in our infertility journey that my answer to this questions and ones like it is still 'I don't know'. We would definitely consider it, if and when the time comes. I think it's a great option out there.

Stine said...

We are considering this when we have had a successful IVF. We want to be able to help out other people who are struggling with infertility. I want to help them out to give them a chance to have the family they have always wanted.

Crystal said...

I also am a loyal watcher of their show (and any show that has a hint of infertility in it). I would definitely consider embryo adoption and would be more comfortable with it than donor sperm. An embryo would feel more like regular adoption to me, where the child isn't "related" to either of us. With the sperm, I would feel sort of like I was having a child with another man.