Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Organic Garden Update}

We are so excited to report that we are actually getting some return out of our little experiment. This has been one of the easiest things we have added to our yard. I think there are two reasons for that:

1. It's rained A TON this year

2. Our rain barrel

Chris and I love that when it's not raining we have free water to use on our plants and garden.

So far the Cilantro is doing the best out of everything we planted (bottom right hand corner) but we do have little buds on all the Pepper plants. I can't wait to see those start to form over the next few weeks. I'm very sad to report the Strawberry plant is not doing well at all. We will probably replace this next year with something else (maybe lettuce).

Are you doing a garden this year? How are your plants doing?

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