Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Urologist

Yes, another Urologist!

About a month ago, I was reading this blog and she had just found out she was pregnant (naturally). I've followed this blog for a while and knew that they had been having problems for years. I also remembered that the last time I had checked in her husband had zero sperm, so I was very anxious to hear how they finally conceived on their own. After reading through the last couple {months} of posts, I started to think she was copying our story there were so many similarities.

First similarity was that her husband had low testosterone and was put on testosterone replacement therapy. This was something we {Chris and I} never really talked about here but he was on testosterone injections for most of last year. After 6 months of testosterone injections we found out that all this does is stop the production of sperm.

Second, low sperm count after testosterone replacement therapy.

Third, low LH.

I couldn't take anymore. I had to know how they got pregnant on their own. Finally, there it was in plain sight: Infertility Urologist. Who knew they existed? We didn't and no one even told us about seeing one.

I called our Reproductive Endocronologists office and asked for a referral. They sent us to Dr. William J. Sommers. I called and made an appointment for March 8, 2011. He ordered more blood tests and more ultrasounds for Christopher but we should hear back in two weeks with the results.

With the results we could have three paths according to Dr. Sommers:

1. Drug Therapy to try and naturally increase Chris's testosterone which in turn would increase his sperm count

2. Another procedure for Chris. This one being outpatient though.

3. IVF

Once we get all the information from the tests ordered we will make our decision but we are continuing to save for IVF. The savings plan is going really well and I will update you soon.  


Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

That's great news! I hope this is the answer you have been looking for!

Kim3278 said...

Ohhh.. I really hope this is your answer. I can't wait to hear!