Monday, November 8, 2010

Fake Out

I actually let myself get excited about what I thought was a positive pregnancy test this weekend. I should know better.

Let me tell you the story, I quit charting this month because honestly it seems pointless. But lately I've been having some pregnancy symptoms. Which most of you know are classic "Aunt Flow" symptoms. So before going to dinner with my sister in law and brother in law I took a quick test. Looked at it for 2 minutes, saw a shadow of a second line, got mad at myself for testing and threw it away. 

::Now here is where my big mistake came in::

When we got home from dinner, I looked at the test again. There was obviously a line there. So I called in Christopher to see if he could see it too. Well he did. 

There we stood both of us standing over the pee stick, so confused. I decided I would just test again in the morning to be sure but that was not without me obsessing over that test for hours before bed.

The next morning, the test was stark white and there was not second line. 

Lesson learned: No more fishing used pregnancy tests out of the trash can.

And for those of you who want to see

And the inverted version

I can't be the only crazy girl who does this, can I?


Michelle Murphy said...

Did you test again yet? With my son I got the fainest line that I wasn't sure if it was there or not, so I did another test the next day and it was darker. At the time I threw mine out and then looked at it later too, and was like well it's probably just an error. Hormones multiply so quickly early on that it is possible the test just can't detect it well yet.

The Domestic Princess said...

Michelle, I did test the next morning and it was stark white. I think I ended up with an evaporation line. If I don't see AF by this weekend I'll test again.

Embellished Bayou said...

Been there, done that. That is my sure-fire way to get AF to arrive. Take a pg test and she arrives the next day without fail. Well, this cycle it took her an extra 3 days, but still, it worked.

Michelle Murphy said...

Oh okay, I thought you meant the same test was white in the morning. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Lindsay said...

You are definitely not the only person who does DH gets upset when I don't get rid of the neg PT right away, so I'll put it on top of the bathroom garbage and go look at it later when he isn't paying attention :)