Monday, October 11, 2010

Spotlight on Infertility: Jessica and Austin

Please welcome Jessica and Austin to the Spotlight on Infertility. Their journey is so similar to ours that it felt like I was reading a story about us.
1. You and your significant others names: Jessica and Austin Grimes

2. How long have you been trying to conceive? Since December 2009

3. What stage of Infertility are you in (Natural, Clomid, IUI, IVF)? Natural post Varicocele Surgery

4. What procedures have you gone through to diagnose you and your significant other? Me : 3 Day and 21 Day Blood Tests, U/S Monitored Cycle, HSG    The Hub: SA, Blood work and Genetic Screening, U/R Consult and Varicocele Surgery

5. If you have been diagnosed, would you please share?
The Hub has been diagnosed with severe MFI - we always knew Austin had a Varicocele ( he was diagnosed at about age 13). He was monitored by his primary U/R - it never grew, caused pain or caused his boys to shrink so he was told more than likely it would never cause a problem. So ... a few months into TTC, we asked the UR for a SA just to see. Well, the results were devastating - 1.5 million sperm per ML. We were told not to have surgery and that IVF was our only hope. We were referred to a great fertility UR in Frisco ( Dr. Jeffery Buch) and he gave us hope. He ran a hormonal panel and genetic panel on Austin - all came back normal. Based on these findings, Dr. Buch said the surgery could possibly really help us. Austin had a size 3 Varicocele on the left testicle and a size 1 on the right. He had both removed via microscopic surgery. Now we are in the waiting phase. First SA post surgery saw an increase in counts ( more than doubled) but still VERY low . We go back for the 2nd post surgery SA in November. Austin is also on Tamoxifen to see if that can give our numbers a boost. Fingers crossed!

6. Are you seeing an Ob/Gyn or a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist)-  I am seeing my OB right now and Austin is under the care of a U/R that specializes in male infertility

7. What supplements are you taking (PNV, Fertile Aid, Etc.)?
Me: 2 Flintstones Vitamins :) 
The Hub: 1 Tamoxifen daily

8. Are you charting/using ovulation predictors/fertility monitor? If you are charting, would you want to post your chart link? I am charting monthly via Fertility Friend. I don't mind posting a link but I'm not sure how. Is this it ?

9. Have you ever been pregnant before? Yes but no living children ( this was before my marriage)

10. What are your plans for your future (infertility treatments, adoption, working with children)?  We are planning to try naturally until Oct 2011. If by then we are still having a hard time we will explore IUI / IVF , Donor Sperm /IUI and/or adoption. We are taking this year to save up money so we can being intensive ART treatment if we need to......

11. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you?   Since beginning this journey I have helped expand my church's infertility ministry - Hopeful Hearts through The Village Church. This support group has been such an eye opener and a well of support. There are SO many couples dealing with this.

12. Do you have a blog/website where you talk about your journey? If so, please link here: Nope

Thank you so much Jessica and Austin for sharing your story with us. You guys are such a cute couple and please keep us updated. I can't wait to hear you guys are expecting.
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