Monday, September 20, 2010

Spotlight on Infertility: Amy and John

Welcome back to "Spotlight on Infertility" The next couple we have is Amy and John. I bet you will love their story as much as I did
1. You and your significant others names
Amy and John

2. How long have you been trying to conceive?
I got pregnant after 13 months of trying.

3. What stage of Infertility are you in (Natural, Clomid, IUI, IVF)?
Tried 3 rounds of clomid and one IUI (didn't work)

4. What procedures have you gone through to diagnose you and your significant other?
HSG, Progestrone levels checked monthly, follicle scan and sperm analysis- all tests results were normal-thank goodness!
5. If you have been diagnosed, would you please share?
diagnosed as "unexplained infertility"

6. Are you seeing an Ob/Gyn or a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist)
seeing a ob/gyn and was going to get a referral to a RE

7. What supplements are you taking (PNV, Fertile Aid, Etc.)?

8. Are you charting/using ovulation predictors/fertility monitor? If you are charting, would you want to post your chart link? Started charting in the beginning didn't see any temp spikes so just started keeping up with ovulation dates. Then I tried ovulation predictors. I found the digitial ones to be more helpful

9. Had you ever been pregnant before? No

10. What are your plans for your future (infertility treatments, adoption, working with children)?
Our next step was to have a couple of IUI's after the 1st one did not work. Then we were going to try  IVF.  After that doctor's appointment I cried all the home way from the doctor's office (45 minute) trip. I told myself whatever happens, happens.  I decided not to take any clomid or have any testing done anymore until I was ready again. So I started to concentrate on getting healthy, eating right, and exercising. I even lost enough weight in a couple of short weeks to go down a pant size. Then one Sunday afternoon, I noticed I hadn't got my period so I kept telling myself not to get excited. After dinner I felt queasy and I went to go take a test and it was POSITIVE! We had gotten pregnant on our own! My doctor was so excited for us and had us come in at 6 weeks. Now I have a 11 week old amazing son! My husband and I are already talking about having our 2nd child. I feel the same feelings creeping back up in my throat. Since I had a c-section, I have to wait at least 6-8 months to get pregnant again. I can't wait!  I hope and pray that the second time around will not be hard for us like it was the first time. I have to say it was all worth it in the end when I look into my son's eyes. One day I will tell him how hard we fought to have him.

11. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you?  I was 32 when we started trying to get pregnant. People would tell me "well maybe you have waited to long". I knew we were meant to be parents. I could not understand why it was so hard for us and easier for others. I started talking to other women and found that infertility is very common. There is definitely power in numbers. It eased my mind sometimes to talk to others about what was going on with me. If anyone would like to talk or share their experiences with me, I would love that!  My husband and I are both teachers. We love to travel and showing our son and future children the world!

12. Do you have a blog/website where you talk about your journey? If so, please link here:

(First Family Photo: Amy, John and Baby Landon)

Amy, Thank you for sharing your story with us Amy and John. You are truly an inspiration to us.

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Anonymous said...

What a great story. Thank you so much for sharing these, Christy. It's nice to know that there are plenty of people who come out of this crap on the other side.

Amy G. said...

Thanks for featuring our story!

Embellished Bayou said...

Thank you for posting these stories every week, Christy. I particularly identified with this one because this couple sounds just like us ~ same age & situation. We're hoping to get pregnant on our own, too, even though we're on our 14th cycle, it's good to know there is still hope.