Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obsession Alert: Twitter

Have I told you about my latest obsession with Twitter?

I love reading what people are doing all day. I know, it's weird! But Twitter has also allowed me to network and get some good giveaways setup for you guys also. I can't wait until I can announce them.

Here are some of my favorite Twitter Peeps:

@rockerbyebaby: She has adorable little punk rocker clothes for kids

@huggiesmom: they giveaway coupons for free diapers once a week

@futuremama: i love reading about her pregnancy

@babystar: i love, love, love their baby clothes

@domesticprncs: don't forget to add me if you're on Twitter. I love to hear about your lifes too

Ok, I've been off of Twittercrack too long.

1 comment:

RockerByeBaby said...

awe... thanks so much! Glad you like me :)