Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fashion: Sunday Sweater

Grey Sweater: Target $20
White Shirt: Target $5
Jeans: JcPenney $10

We went out to dinner with our friends on Sunday evening. I needed a good Sunday outfit. This one was perfect.

I love how thin this outfit makes me look. Because of the way the sweater falls it makes your hips looks so much smaller. I paired it wil some black high heeled boots and my Grey Coach bag.


Kate said...

super cute, I love that sweater!

mrs.messi said...

You look great! It really is super slimming, but I can also see the weight loss. Keep up the good work.

BTW, do you think they still have that sweater at Target? I want one!

Unknown said...

Super cute sweater! I clicked on the Target link and it said the item is out of stock for now. Hopefully they will get more in before they change to spring stuff!

The Domestic Princess said...

Oh shoot! I didn't even see that. I got the sweater a month ago at my local Target (Sawmill Rd.).