Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend of October 24 & 25

This weekend was a nice slow weekend. Friday night we picked up a Papa Murphy's Take and Bake pizza. They had pizza's shaped like pumpkins, so ofcourse I had to get one. Then stopped by Blockbuster to pick up some movies.

Saturday morning we slept in. It's been so long since we've done that. We finally rolled out of bed at 11 am and started cleaning the house. I love the smell of a freshly cleaned house.

We had plans that evening to go out to a dinner and movie with my brother, John and his girlfriend, Danielle.

We went to El Vaquero's for dinner. Yummy! They have the best cheese sauce to dip your chips in. My favorite dinner there is the veggie burrito. After dinner, we went to go see Paranormal Activity.

I'm super upset we wasted $18.00 on this movie. Personally, I'm not a scary movie person but Chirstopher really wanted to see this movie so we all agreed to go see it. Usually, I'm scared of everything. This movie didn't scare me at all. Don't waste your money going to see it in the theater. After the movie, Chris and I stopped at our favorite bar, O'Manny's to have a few Great Lakes Oktoberfest's.

Sunday, we headed out for some shopping, then came home and carved pumpkins.

How was your weekend?


Carolyn said...

Bummed to hear about Paranormal Activity not being scary. :( BTW thanks for entering in my giveaway.

Unknown said...

Pumpkin #2

Unknown said...

Paula is a cheater