Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vote or Die!

On Sunday we carved pumpkins and Chirstopher and I both think our own pumpkin is the best. So we're going to let you vote. Which do you like better? Pumpkin 1 or Pumpkin 2:



We bought the Pumpkin Master Kit to carve our pumpkins.

Me gutting my pumpkin

Christopher picking out which design to carve

Lola says "Mommy, can I eat it?"

Leave us a comment. Which pumpkin do you like better? I'll let you know which one was whose at the end of the week.


Kate said...

I think both pumpkins look great (and they're much better than anything I could ever do!) but I think I like the second one a little more - it just seems to have a little extra creepiness.

Kelli said...

They are both really nice. If I have to choose I'd say #1.

Jen J. said...

I like #2 better!