Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Through The Years With CnC

I thought it might be fun to show you guys some old photos of Christopher and I.

Christopher and I met in 2004 at work. We are also known as CnC. The picture above is one of the first pictures that we took together. Lol, do you notice the piercings? How many can you find?

This picture is another one of my favorites. I think because you can see my hip bones!

You probably don't know but Christopher does music promotion for a band named: Pepper. We used to go on tour for a few days every year and follow the band around. Yes, the good years, when we could go get drunk every night with no responsibility.

I found this picture of CnC and Amy & Bill. This is the one of the first nights we hung out with Amy and Bill. Look how young we all are! I met Bill through an old boyfriend and we remained in contact through our breakup. I've know Bill for about 8 years and knew the moment he met Amy that they would get married.

How can you not laugh at this picture? Here's the story: We got invited to a Halloween Party at the last minute and the only reasonably priced costumes they still had at the store was Shaggy. So we both got Shaggy costumes.

This was my 25 birthday. I just love this picture and the Appletini's I was drinking.

Awwww....This is my engagement ring. Christopher proposed on our one year anniversary of dating. We were married two years later.

Here's us on our Honeymoon. My parent's and their best friends all call each other Mrs. H, Mrs. W, Mr. H and Mr. W, so they got us t-shirts when we got married that say Mr. P & Mrs. P. So cute!

Every year we go to the Masonic Shrine for New Years Eve. It's so much fun to get dressed up for the evening.

This is the year I got "Mr. Vuitton" for Christmas. He was the hit of the party. Lol!

This was my 26th birthday. If you haven't figured out, birthdays are a bid deal to me. When I was growing up we had Birthday Weeks. My mom would cook whatever we wanted for dinner, we got to watch whatever we wanted on TV, etc. It was always so much fun. So I still do this as an adult.

Can you find me in this photo? This was my blonde phase.
These are our friends Kaleo and Melanie. We love hanging out with them but they live in California so we don't get to see them much.

Gosh, we've come so far thought the years. I hope you enjoy reminiscing with me.


Darla said...

That was a great trip down memory lane...the happiness just jumps off of my screen!

J said...

Great pictures!! I love the Halloween costumes, super cute!!

Jen J. said...

So cute! This inspires me to do something similar on my blog! Great idea!