Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My $50 Winnings

Since, we lived in an apartment for so long, I refused to buy seasonal decor (minus Christmas) because we didn't have the place to store it all. I decided I still wanted some more seasonal decor for the house. So I bought these carvable pumpkins from Micheal's at $5.99 a piece along with these fake bales of hay for $6.99 each. I got some flickering lights to go inside.

As soon as the real pumpkins come out, I'm going to get some real pumpkins to sit on the stairs and some corn staulks for the corner of the porch. I can't wait. So my total for today was $60.

Check out where I got the idea from The DIY Showoff. I took Roeshel's idea and transformed it a little. Great Idea Roeshel!

What do you think?


Karen At Home Blog said...

That is adorable, I love it!

Jen J. said...

Looks great! I wish my porch was bigger so I could put stuff like that out. :o(

Roeshel said...

Your pumpkins are so cute! I your version! Great job as usual!

Thanks for the link! ;)