Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 3 Weight Loss Challange (Thursday)

I'm feeling much better and am very proud that I jumped right back into my exercise today. Chris and I walked for an hour today to make up for yesterday. Total burned calories for that hour was 386. I'm not going to share my weight until Saturday but it's looking good already (Watch out Christopher)!

My meals today:


1 piece whole wheat toast
Grape Sugar Free Jam
1 cup strawberries

Calories: 132

Snack (apple): 65 calories


Buffalo Chicken Wrap (wheat wrap, chicken, lettuce, carrots, hot sauce, blue cheese dressing)
Cottage Cheese

Calories: 545

Snack (orange): 45


2 brats
Mixed Veggie

Calories: 633

Total Calories for the day: 1420

I've been using to keep track of my calories, fat, protein and carbs. If you've never checked out this site I suggest it. They have a ton of users that input all kinds of food and it's calories, fat, protein, etc. This makes it really easy for you to look up the nutrition information for anything you eat and enter it in your daily total.

How many pounds do you think I've lost so far?

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