Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We have highs and we have lows

Our little boy has been growing up so fast, I can't believe how fast time is going. Jackson had his followup Cardiologist appointment a week ago and they sent us home with a 24 hour monitor to make sure he's not having anymore SVTs. We won't get the results for another few weeks. If Jackson has any SVTs in the recording they will want to put him back on medicine for it.

Jackson is such a happy baby. He just smiles away all day long. It makes Chris and I feel like we must be doing something right. Unless Jackson is hungry or needs his diaper changed, he's very content with just hanging out and observing everything around him.

Jackson has been testing out his sound making ability lately which is so fun to listen to. He likes to 'La' alot.

Since his head was shaved in NICU his hair seems to be growing back in in what looks like a buzz cut. We get so many comments when we take him out about all his hair.

A few weeks ago we also followed up with Genetics and they couldn't find anything they wanted to test Jackson for right now. So we will followup with them again in September to make sure nothing else shows up they would want to run tests for.

Jackson's blood sugars have been overall very good and we are finally on an every 4 hour schedule with him. We only had one night where he had a really low (40s) blood sugar and it wouldn't come back up without a sugar water bottle. It was very scary but we made it through. Jackson's sugars have been great ever since also. We have a follow up appointment with his Endocrinologist in 2 weeks. We hope to start talking about sleeping through the night then.

Overall it seems we have a very healthy baby boy on our hands and we are loving every minute of being with him.


Mimi said...

So happy to see such a vibrant cheery little boy. I love his hair! It's so beautiful and dark.

My sisters all shaved their babies head, it's custom for most middle easterners. We'll see if it's true that it helps their hair grow in thicker. I didn't have the heart to do it to Sammy.

jodi said...

I have been following along and this is my first comment. He is beautiful!! And has proven he's such a fighter. So glad that his health is stabilizing and you can enjoy him fully.