Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Month 2 Our Favorite Things...

Below is a list of all things we have found useful in Month 2....

1. MAM Pacifiers: Jackson prefers these over the Soothies now but will still take a Soothie (but only in desperate times).

2. Summer Infant SwaddleMe: For warmer nights we love this swaddle blanket. It's Daddy-proof and keeps Jackson nice and snug. 

3. Dr. Brown's 8 oz Bottles: Jackson graduated to the 8 oz bottles since he is consistently eating 5-6 oz now.

4. Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker: Jackson wants nothing to do with the swing. This is his favorite seat to sit in. Put on the vibrate and he is out. 

5. Halo Sleepsack: It got cold again in Ohio and the fleece sack has been wonderful

6. Snuggles of Love Guitar Blanket: This is one of our favorite blankets right now. It's perfect for all the changes in weather we've been having. Not too heavy and not too light. Plus it's absolutely adorable!

7. BumGenius Newborn Diapers: These finally fit my skinny legged kid and they are so easy to use. Jackson has almost grown out of the absorbancy in the Lil Joey's so I'm really glad we have these. They are holding up great and give us hours before changes.

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