Friday, March 16, 2012

Jackson Day 23

Jackson NICU Day 23 (03.16.12)

Jackson had another good day today. He's getting so strong, Chris and I are so proud of him.

The Cardiology Nurse came by this morning to show me how to watch for signs of SVTs. They also gave us a stethoscope to take home to listen to his heart if we suspect he is having them.

We did have two blood sugars that were off today. But in true Jackson fashion that are now high. Chris and I told Jackson today that we are starting the think he doesn't want to come home and we're offended. His Nurse Practitioner is now checking his blood sugar every 6 hours instead of every 9 hours to keep an eye on it. If it stays up, they may reduce his Diozoxide.

Jackson and I had another fashion show today. I put him in this sleep sack that his cousin Anton gave him.

But that was after cuddle time with Mommy

Chris and I came back after he got off of work to spend some more time with Jackson. We just love watching him getting bigger. Today Jackson was following Chris as he moved side to side. He's so smart already.

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Polly said...

Thanks for the update - sounds like he's getting stronger every day! He remains in our prayers, as do all of you. I loooove that last pic of him with Chris. <3