Monday, March 15, 2010

TTC: Preggo Planner

Did you see that The Life of a Modern Wife is giving away Preggo Planner?

I have been drooling over these since I found them a few months ago. What neat way to keep track of everything pregnancy:

Pages to hold critical information such as OBGYN/Midwife contact information, hospital information, insurance information, pharmacy information, test results, questions for the physician and a chart to assist in keeping track of monthly progress

Interview questions for potential pediatricians

The ultimate nursery checklist to assist with registering for baby showers and keeping track of what items have been fulfilled and what hasn’t

An essential "acts of kindness" and gift log

A unique checklist of things to do before baby arrives

An area for the birth plan

A hospital packing list for Mom, Dad and Baby

Family and friends call list

Post delivery checklist

Space for postpartum visit questions

A handy pocket for paperwork

Plus I think this would be something fun to hang on to for your child to look at once they are older. The contest runs until April 3, 2010.