Monday, March 15, 2010

TTC: How to save money on tests

Are you spending way too much money on Ovulation Predictor's and Pregnancy Tests?

I've got some tips that might help you save some money and ensure you're getting the most accurate tests. The first thing to know about buying pregnancy tests is that they are not all created equal. All tests measure at different amounts of mIU/mL (million International Units). Simply stated: It's the measurement of how much hormone (HCG) is in the urine. Here is a chart that shows what the average hcg is based on days past ovulation.

So you would think that the most expensive would be the most accurate, right? Unfortunatly, that's not totally correct. Pee On A Stick has listed a great breakdown of the most common tests available to buy. First Reponse Early Result is the most accurate available and will run you about $15 at Walmart for three tests but Save On Tests gives you 20 tests for $12 or the Dollar Tree gives you 1 test for $1. Both, Save on Tests and the Dollar Tree, are some of the most accurate test available.

Dollar Tree and Save on Tests both offer Ovulation Tests at the same great price. Ovulation Tests are looking for the LH (lutenized hormone) that is produced right before ovulation.

I hope this helps all of you!


Anonymous said...

Great post. I get all of my tests at Dollar Tree. Can't beat those deals! :)

The Domestic Princess said...

Thanks Katie! My favorite ovulation tests are the dollar tree ones. They seem to detect better than the strips for some reason.

Tierra B. said...

Great info!! thank you! I am gonna have to check out some of those sites!

Unknown said...

While I am not inthe market to have more kids, I can applaud you for putting this info out there- I would have liked it a few years ago!!

Holly said...

great post! I used to save lots of money on opks and hpts by buying them from when you order a package they wind up being less than $1 each plus they usually send free hpts when you order opks and shipping is free. They also sell pre-seed for a decent price :)