Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fashion: Warm Sweater

It's been snowing here in Ohio for 7 days now and we've had negative temperatures. This means I needed some new sweaters. Christopher and I headed to Old Navy for their 75% off sale. I got this sweater and boots for $60. Ofcourse, everything I liked wasn't on sale.

Here is a stock photo of the boots (I couldn't get a good picture):

Aren't they adorable?

All Things G&D, gave me a great idea for this sweater. She used it as a maternity sweater. I can't wait until I can use her idea. Thanks Dusty!

We all know accesories are very imporatant to an outfit. So I wear my Louis Vuitton Speedy and I wore this ring:

My cousin, Callie, got this ring from Mark for all of the Bridesmaids in her wedding.

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Jen J. said...

I have that same sweater in gray! Very cute. :o)