Monday, November 9, 2009

Drum Roll Please......

Ta Da! The office is finally complete. I'm going to skip the "about our weekend" post this week because I'm way to excited to show you the office. I hope that's ok?

This office is off the main entrance of our house but is Christopher's office. He wanted somewhere to display his music memorabilia but in a classy way. I think we have accomplished that.



There is a break down of all the furniture we bought at the bottom. Here are some more pictures with some of the details:

The dry erase board we got at Target for $12.00; the Macbook was WAY too much money to talk about

The 'P' was our cake topper on our Wedding Cake and the statue next to it we received as a wedding gift from my cousin, Maribeth. It says "To have and to hold."

I got the green vase at Stein Mart for $16.00; the baskets are listed below

Wicker Baskets (2)- Small (Target): $25.98
Wicker Baskets (4)- Larget (Target): $35.98
Ikea Mikael Desk: $49.99
Ikea Billy Bookcase (2): $119.98
Erslev Rug: $29.99
Walmart Striped Curtains (2): $29.84

Total: $291.76

What do you think? Love it or Hate it?


Kate @ Twenty-Six To Life said...

Nice job! The pictures on the walls look a little high so my only suggestion would be to lower them a smidge. For under $300 you did a great job!

Jen J. said...

It looks great - good job!!

JCHokie said...

What is the paint brand & color? I love the olive green. The office looks great!

Roeshel said...

You did a fantastic job! I love the color, new furniture and the organization! I wish my office looked that neat! :)


TheBryansWeBe said...

Looks good, but a couple of sugestions: lower the pictures on the wall, pictures should be hung slightly above eye level and they look way too close to the ceiling right now.

Also, the curtains are too short. Curtains should fall an inch or two above the floor.

Unknown said...

I love it and I totally get the pics being hung the way they are, you want to leave space to add more as the memorabilia grows..Curtains don't always have to be hung an inch or two above the floor or they wouldn't make them in different lengths...

The Domestic Princess said...

Thank you everyone for all the great comments and constructive criticism. The color of the wall is Meadow Trail from Sherwin Williams.

TheBryansWeBe said...

Paula. They make different lengths not only because different rooms demand that curtains serve different functions, but because people have different size windows, ceilings, etc. In this office, the curtains should be the standard length slightly above the floor, not touching the floor or so far off the floor.