Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome and a Giveaway!

I just noticed that we have 50 followers and 7 members on Feedburner. So I wanted to say a big WELCOME to all of our new followers. I love to hear from everyone and read all the comments that you leave. So don't be shy!

Also, I wanted to Thank all of my readers with a giveaway. Remember Evette, well on top of her photography she also makes wonderfully delicious candles. I ordered two candles from her (Lilac and Lavender) to giveaway to one lucky reader. If you are a follower, please leave a comment on this post about what you like most about The Domestic Princess. If you are not a follower, sign up and leave me a comment about what you like most about The Domestic Princess. That will enter you in the contest. The contest will end Wednesday October 7th at midnight.

**Contest only available to U.S. Residence

**Registration for giveaway is now closed**


Samantha said...

Hey Christy! I am a follower- I love reading/seeing your DIY and decor!

mrs.messi said...

Christy - this is going to sound weird and creepy, but I like your Christyness! When I read your posts, I feel like we are friends IRL.

Thanks for blogging and for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

Roeshel said...

So pretty!

I like the Domestic Princess herself the best. :) You're always so supportive and such a good blog friend. I admire your motivation to get healthy (pass some this way please) and love your style. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy 50 followers!! Your blog is just plain sweet- maybe it's the owner!!


Jen J. said...

Those are pretty! I like your decorating seems we have very similar tastes!

LukesLove said...

I like to see your DIY projects!! Happy 50 followers!

J said...

I left you something on my blog. : )

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

I love your home decor posts - but I really like your honesty! For example - your Baby Fever post was very REAL and YOU.


Kim3278 said...

I love reading about all your projects and then trying to figure out if I will be able to do them. I also like the layout. Makes it so easy to read.