Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Glass Spray Paint Project

Last Friday Night, my mom and I went to Garden Ridge to do some fall shopping. I was looking for some candle holders like these to go on my dining room table. I ran into these in the clearance isle but they were pretty beat up. I figured, spray paint fixes everything so I bought these two candle holders for $3 a piece.

I went to Home Depot and bought some Hammered Silver spray paint and painted the candlesticks.

I think they turned out really cool. What do you think?


Roeshel said...

So cool! I love hammered spray paint. Seriously - I have about 10 cans stocked up. Think I need an intervention? lol

Those look so pretty! Great deal too!


The Domestic Princess said...

I need to start stocking up. I think it's now my favorite too! =)

Kim3278 said...

Christy, I have to ask what is hammered spray paint?? What makes it different?

I love the candlesticks. I also LOVE your table runner. Beautiful.

The Domestic Princess said...

Thank you! Table runner is from Target $14.99=) Hammered is just a look and it makes it look cracked. It's hard to see in the pictures but it looks really cool in person.

Anonymous said...

wow! spray paint is awesome! great job!