Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jackson Day 21

Jackson NICU Day 21 (03.14.12)

I swear this kid can make me laugh already! He was making the funniest faces this morning. I arrived at the hospital at 9:30 am this morning and spent some time with my little love before the doctors arrived. Around 11:45 am the doctors finally made rounds. After they discussed Jackson's "stats" they asked if I had any questions. I started asking my questions I posted yesterday and they decided to call Cardiology to see if they could come over so we could all talk at once. Luckily, Cardiology was on their way to NICU anyways.

Once we were all together at Jackson's bedside, I started to feel like we were getting on the same page. First, we talked about the Propranolol (heart medicine). I didn't understand why Cardiology would offer to put him back on a med they took him off of just to get him home faster. It seemed really counter productive to me. Jackson's Neonatologist agreed with me. Cardiology today said that they would not suggest that route either. Awesome, ok, first question down and everyone agreed.

Next question was why is the extra days of monitoring needed? Cardiology said they still feel like Jackson is at risk for more SVTs. My next question was "Did they see something on the monitor this week that makes you think that?" Their answer: "No"

While I'm not really excited that Jackson will be one month old when he comes home, I can get behind this new plan now that I understand it a little bit more.

Jackson has had some more good blood sugars over night and is now back on the Similac Sensitive with no added calories. Since he isn't hooked up to an IV machine I took in a sleep sack today. He he, doesn't he look so cute? I'm gonna try some hats tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Great job asking tough questions. You're doing a great job taking care of your little guy!

The Domestic Princess said...

Thank you so much!